"Worlds was rigged let me use the song Phoenix for proof."

"randomly called phoenix" "It wasn't a coincidence the worlds song was called phoenix" uhm,,,no. The Phoenix is an animal reborn out of it's own ashes which in the video represented Faker losing worlds 2017 as karma, also it includes Caps and Rookie. But they can comeback and be 'reborn' as a champion. It was a coincidence...not "cheating"...or having worlds being "rigged" and I don't think G2 lost on purpose. They looked pretty upset...I think all EU fans are just upset and finding ways to make it look like worlds was "rigged" lmao. “Both the song and the video are all about overcoming deep, personal fears that players have faced in moments of defeat,” -Riot “League of Legends pro players are often confronted with a multitude of challenges, whether it be a serious loss or publicly facing fans after a crushing defeat. In highlighting these three specific pros (Caps, Faker, Rookie), the video focuses on the obstacles they’ve had to overcome and what it took to become some of the greatest League of Legends players in the world.” -Riot "A phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor." lol yet so many people are outraged that EU didn't win so they find reasons FPX didn't deserve it... I'm not being bias, I didn't really care who won, I hadn't ever heard of FPX and I never payed much attention to G2. I play in NA but I am in fact from Europe,,which doesn't mean I am going to support EU but I'm also not against them, I'm not against any teams..FPX played well and I just don't think G2 played as well as they can. Good job FPX. I don't know sometimes I wish the league community could just say "they won, maybe I didn't want them to win but good for them. Worlds was fun this year, had a nice time. Good job FPX" but no you guys have to find ways to target FPX saying they didn't deserve that. That's not what they deserve, thats not what anyone deserves. I shouldn't expect much from the league community, 1st world problems, right. Of course you can be upset if the team you were rooting for lost!! i totally get that,,but is finding ways to call worlds rigged really necessary? **Should have included YES there are people who are obviously joking, mb for not voicing that, but you can see that there are also people who think it's serious which sparked this.**
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