I was banned for fraud

I was ban for fraud because i made a mistake in trusting someone saying he was getting rid of his rp for cheap and gift i know it was stupid to think he didnt use fraud or a cracked accounts since i dont know which one. I was explaining to support that i would be fine with all my skins being taken away that where gifted from the suspected account since i didn't directly involve myself in this and only got skins out of it that i thought were legit. every time i try and explain to a league employee my problem they end up saying your account was locked for fraud and we cant unban you. but i dont see what TOS i broke i wasnt the ones using fraud, i never bought accounts and it seemed like a friend gifting a skin since i got to know the guy more but never realized he was using illegally obtained RP and thought he just had some left over willing to sell for not that much cheaper than regular i know im stupid for this but i dont think i deserved to be ban.
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