What if Star Guardians were the next VS Event?

It took three seasons to establish a bunch of bad guys, and some of you may have hated the designs, but lore wise they were absolutely necessary. The star guardians have been fighting a faceless enemy for a while and giving the bad guys an identity was one of the smartest moves you could have made lore wise. This isn't about the skins, their designs, their palettes etc. I'm sorry you were disappointed that all you got this year were dark star guardians and Neeko but think of the possibilities. Imagine them releasing 4 or 6 skins next year and having a PVP mode where you play as either the good star guardians vs the bad ones. Like I know that sounds imbalanced since the dark side is so new, but lore-wise it would be amazing, and there could be augments like it's a PVP mode. Anyways the outcome of whichever side wins would decide the next season of Star Guardian lore. Let's say the dark beats out the light somehow, despite being pigeon-holed into a fewer champions. Canonically the dark star guardians would win for that season, and let's say the winning team gets a prestige skin that comes out at a later patch kind of like when there was that faction war and ionia won and got some shoes. And it wouldn't have that much wiggle room since each side would have one potential planned prestige skin so you only would have to design two, and then finish one at your own discretion at a much later time. I know riot gives a shit about this sort of thing because of the freljord faction war mission, and rengar vs Kha Zix. I think this would be a good way to sprinkle new life into events and give players agency. You wouldn't have to script crazy bot intelligence, and the augments are optional. Players would have to find strategries on how to win with their ideal team and we could see intersting metas pop up. Or maybe to balance it you'd make 6 skins and lock it in a three v three mode that way no one would have a bigger side to pick from. You could put it on Howling Abyss and skin it or something. Anyways this is just an idea. I think it would be good to give player's agency back. If they really want more light star guardian skins then they can fight for them and vote with their macro and micro play.
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