Only because something is played too less doesn't mean it has to be removed. (TT & Dominion)

khaled congratulations you just played yourself
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ICYMI, Riot announced that they will remove TT completely out of LoL. So it happens exactly like Dominion. Why Dominion got removed? Because no one/ too few people played it. Why? Because you couldn't earn stuff and the map wasn't updated at all. Now it's happening the same to Twisted Treeline. Hmm... Why does almost no one play TT? Because it gets almost no updates because Riot wants to remove this map. Even though I don't play TT it breaks my heart to see how maps are going deleted just like that. I loved Dominion and it got removed **only** because too few people played it. Really? Is that your only reason to remove an **ENTIRE** game mode?! Geez. It doesn't have to be deleted, there are enough people who really love TT and Dominion and yet you're making advertisements for new players even though you kick those people out of your game just to remove a game mode only because too few played it. You're losing players just like that, even though it's not that much, players are leaving LoL because of this because you remove game modes that people love. [Congratulations Riot, you played yourself.](
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