FIX HIGH ELO SOLO Q - People will just uninstall the game soon

Hi, I wanted to make a short text to explain to Riot what's going on in high elo, because they seem to have absolutely no clues What I'm about to say and explain is something EVERY PLAYER is aware in high elo, and MANY LEC PLAYERS are CRYING about because they can't use solo Q anymore to train their mecanics and strategy. - Early season was a complete bullshit : MMR fails, Plat with 40% winrate getting challenger - The multiple chain reset didn't change a thing about it, chaos was already there - Queue time is disgustingly low, and riot accept to queue D1 PLAYERS vs CHALL 1000 LP PLAYERS - It wouldn't be as bad as it is, if the new D1 players weren't actual D3 players on the Gauss Normal Distribution. - The main goal of Riot was to push the ego of every players, by giving them some "virtual boost of rank". - It worked so well that plat players are now flaming chall players in a complete coin flip bullshit - We don't ask for Hard reset but at least, add longer queue time, and make sure that the diamond players are laning against each others, or the game will for sure be frustrating for absolutely everyone. - Winning against diamond when you're chall is awful. - Losing against chall when you're diamond is awful. - There is as much difference between D1 & Chall, than between Silver & Diam. - Also you need to understand that the game became SOOOO toxic in high elo, that people who are actually good, will just give no fucks about the game, and int straight if something goes wrong. - All of this is Riot Fault, for pushing players ego over high elo games quality PLEASE DO SOMETHING ASAP I met some really peaceful friends who just went full toxic and uninstalling the game because this is just unplayable, high elo is what every players aim for, if every solo Q streams or youtube videos shows up this disgusting chaos, nobody will have the will to tryhard solo Q, and overall ladder will be even worse Thanks a lot for reading this Best, Andréas
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