Normal Draft :Main role once every 3 games (at best)

What is happening ? A month ago, as a toplane main, i used to have toplane for like 9 games in a row before even getting autofilled. Now i'm toplane once every 3 games at best (can have secondary 2 times then autofill then secondary again) I just want to have fun doing a few games here and there. But when i do 2 to 6 games a week, i don't want to be mid or adc 4 out of the 6 games. What happened ? Why can't i play it anymore ? Thanksfully a few people are okay with switching mid (my secondary role) with top. Isn't top supposed to be way less popular than mid ? (Also i even got a game where i got mid and a guy got top even tho he wanted mid first while i wanted top first) It's just very very very boring, and something really needs to be done for this. Also don't go with "go ranked and you won't have this problem" : i've been playing since S1, i don't care about ranked, did a bunch of ranked in s6 (i guess) to end up plat and i was convinced that i didn't want to bother with the "at least 1 game a week" to not decay. I just want to have some fun, but how can i have fun if i can't play the lane i asked for lol (i like mid & sup too, but way less than top, also can't tag sup secondary or i'm sure i won't see top ever again) Should i go to the blind mode and rush the "I'M TOP" like 5 seasons ago ? Am i the only one with this problem or is it common for a lot of people/everyone now ?
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