akali has bad design

so after repeated nerfs, akali still is almost pick/ban in high level games. i think the problem is the fact that once mastered,her mobility is rly overpowered by those at high ranks who actually know how to convert a 5 cs lead into a win.also, if you think about it, akali has a bruiser-like kit with assassin levels of damage. assassins usually go in and they either burst 1 guy and get out or they get 1 shot and do nothing. akali however, can go in, stay in the fight for 10 seconds with zhonyas and shroud. furthermore, her laning phase trades are very dps focused and not burst heavy, like other assassins. she uses q( which has a 1 second cooldwon, further increasing the problem), then passive auto, q again, passive auto, e , passive auto, w , q, passive auto. her full trades last 15 seconds, but because of her ridiculous ap ratios on the q , she can also go for short trades with eletrocute. its very obvious since the champion can use both conqueror and eletrocute very well. they need to rework her kit again because right now, she has a bruiser identity, but riot wants he to be an assassin so they just buff her damage way too much, to the point where she is a bruiser early game, an assassin mid-game, and in late game teamfights she has assassin damage with bruiser durability
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