Riot, can you enforce your terms of service and punish players who constantly rage quit games?

It's honestly not funny anymore, and it's been like this for a year at least. It takes like 10 minutes to queue into a game, and then like 1 in 4 games by team has someone who goes afk after dying once or twice. They rage at the jungler and blame them for their loss, they complain about how their bot sucks, etc. It's absolutely ridiculous. I want to play actual games but for some reason you only punish players who legitimately int or say zero tolerance words in the chat. Can you please just start doling out punishments for people who rage and leave constantly? It's killing any enjoyment I have for the game to wait so long to get into a game, then spend 15 minutes in a one sided deathmatch after someone leaves. Worse, sometimes they'll stay in game and just type about how bad people are, steal farm, and troll, but vote no on the surrender so it takes even longer to get out. It's absurd this problem isn't being looked at seriously.
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