@Meddler/Reav3, You're responsible for disrespecting a champion's entire playerbase!

It no longer shocks me to be honest. For 4 years.. well, lets say [[3years since every champion needs to be adjusted accordingly based on meta and changes]], we've been silent and patient regarding {{champion:62}} , he fit well in the game, it was slowly changing, but he was in a good spot. I know there aren't much {{champion:62}} mains on the boards or Reddit to get their voices heard, I know of 2-4 tops who are active here, and I wasn't active myself, but I started posting 6 months ago because the game has massively shifted and everything around Wukong was changing, except him. The biggest issue of all is that you're ignoring us on purpose because you know well there aren't many to complain as much as lets say {{champion:222}} fanbase which you recently buffed. You know what frustrates me the most? It's Meddler rushing to reply to all the mains and playerbase of {{champion:112}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:245}} + every champ who's popular by pick/ban + seen much in competitive play or [[insert any adc who isn't performing well in the meta]]. But when a minority like myself asks about any plans for my main, I get completely neglected. Take for example the last [[Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 31]],https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/EE1fImt5-quick-gameplay-thoughts-january-31 my comment reached the top, but still, unanswered, why do you think so? That's one of many posts I've done trying to reach my voice but with effort being wasted because they have "higher priorities" like the new goal they want to achieve "open botlane for other classes". You're so obsessed about botlane, the reason why the game is currently broken atm. You can: Make {{champion:245}} viable in the jungle by adjusting his passive, but you can't with {{champion:62}} Mini-rework {{champion:20}} , then nerf him, then make him broken over a night then tease for his VGU, but you can't with {{champion:62}} Rework champs released after Wu [[{{champion:57}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:421}} ]], but you can't with {{champion:62}} Keep a combination of 2 {{champion:117}} {{champion:96}} be able to 2v5, rework then revert kog, but you can't changes the passive of {{champion:62}} Bring {{champion:67}} to the meta every year, then nerf her because [[she's doing so well]], but you can't with {{champion:62}} and the list goes on. At this point, I'm being repetitive, I've done posts like this many times before, but not sure what exactly those lead developers and balance team members need to hear to be convinced.
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