So is climbing based on skill or is based on whom you get as team mates?

So lets discuss match making and how good it really is or maybe how bad it is. This season i've manged to get 3 accounts to plat and each have a very big difference in win rate, 2 of the accounts are fresh and have never had a ranked before while the other ended last season D4 with a respectable win rate. (Starting rank P2) So this is the first account the account that ended last season D4 with with 56% win rate, yet this season i couldn't even get to reach 50% win rate in P4, this account has had the most amount of bad luck out all 3 accounts, so i left it rot because there is no point in playing an account that's mmr has hit the point where you're being matched with player a lot less skilled then you. It started off respectable at P2 then i ended up lost 4 Promo's game's in row for verius reason, then got a 16 game losing spree which took me down to P4. (Starting rank B2) So the second account was made about 2 months ago, and i took the same champion i always do (Panth, zilean and malz.) With what ever i could afford from the left over BE. This account started off well, it only manged to skip from Silver 4 to silver 2 and then hard a good 20 game's in gold 4 going back and forth still at decent win rate of about 60/66% Yet it didn't skill any gold division what so ever, it got to plat with 60% win rate and then went on 8 game losing spree where it didn't matter what i did i just couldn't win. (Starting rank B2) So that bring me on to my last account, this is the account i'm currently playing on and is sitting at 72% win rate in P2. I have the same champion pool on pretty much all 3 accounts as i'm a panth otp. So this account manged to skip silver 4 to silver 2 like the other account, but this account didn't get hard stuck in gold for few game's so manged to skip Gold 4 to Gold 2 unlike the other account, this account maintained a 70% win rate all the way to P2 and is currently still climbing as i haven't lost a game since my second plat promo's which was like 10 game's ago. I'm still playing the same 3 champs pretty much with some expectation when said champs are banned or the match doesn't premit me to play them. So i'm wondering is it really my skill level that's helping me climb or am i just getting better teams? These account all pretty much have the same amount of game's played, with pretty much the same champion pool, but have a huge difference in win rate. See all the time i read on the boards that people can't climb because of others, and so on. So are people really being let down by other players and match making or is their skill level just bad and they really can't improve enough to climb? Update - Personally i feel that a lot of the game i lose are duo to others, i'm not saying i'm challenger level player or a pro but think i'm good. Ill explain a lot of the losses on the second account weren't because of me, but was mostly from people who refused to listen to game winning calls, just like taking baron, or getting inhibits and turrets instead of kills or don't go solo with out wards and so on. Yes i have bad game's, just like every one else, but i feel those are slim and i usually make it back in the next. If match making was a bit more even, i think i could of climbed a lot faster. (My game's today, autofilled mid who's an adc main with no rank playing Lb who's she's never played before) 0-8 jungler, 2-4 adc and 0-5 support....) My skill really helps here... when every person just feeds they're ass off. Update Again (Now comes the famous riot losing spree, where it doesn't matter what i do, how i play, how fucking well i dictate the game, i'm just getting these boosted ass team mates who refuse to listen to every mother fucking call out there and keep playing their own game) Ill see you boys when i'm back down in P4 because riots match making system sucks ass. Proven fact climbing is just fucking luck, and you better hope to good you don't get the lesser D4 players or you gonna get stomped to the point of no return. How is it i can win every game yesterday, but today i can't even manage to go 50% wins? Oh wait shitty match making that's how. I've manged to lose at least 3 game's today because my team refuse to end and listen to basic calls. (Another coin flip, again a useless mid and jungler) Easy win for the enemy, when mid and jungles skill level are so low, they might as well of been silver) Mid with 0 pings and roaming the whole game, while jungler offered 0 ganks and was pretty much useless. I'm spending more time juggling games then climbing because of match making. Let me add another update, because apparently match making hates me. So i lost 2 D4 promo's and the player that i was getting for team mate's all had negative win rates and are boosted to oblivion. Sorry for the long post, but if you do read it thanks :)
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