I feel like I'm the only person who wasn't excited by this anniversary or preseason blog

I've been falling out of love with League for a while now (like a lot of people) and I was hoping that this event would maybe spark some love back again. Nothing. Nothing about the 10-year anniversary got my original love for League back. - Oh cool, the map changes slightly when we kill dragons now. Infernal only changes red buff and nothing else on the map (at least from what I could tell), Ocean makes more bushes and will make facing Rengar and ward placement a nightmare, Mountain only changes around dragon (?) and air I guess makes you go faster in places. Kind of feels lackluster when we don't really see the big changes on the whole scale. - We got little alcoves in the side lanes now...ok? - Senna is now official as a champ and has made huge steps in the lore. Cool, but how is she going to be in-game? She's apparently a hybrid marksmen and support. Last time we got one of those kinds of champs we got Pyke and look how he turned out now! As much as I like this leap in lore, I'm now concerned more in gameplay with Riot these hybrid type champs. - TFT now coming to mobile. Kind of saw that coming and don't give a shit about the game mode. - League now on Mobi-FUCK! YOU! RIOT! I fucking knew that this was going to happen. Look, I don't like mobile games. I hate how people say that they're just as good as games you play on PC/Console. No! No they're not! I don't believe this in the slightest. A vast majority of mobile games to me are always cash grabs, have been for a while now. Can't change my mind on that! The real kick here is that those Overwatch ripoff intros show how much more effort they put into that then their new "better" League client first. And then we get to the preseason blog: - Dragons changed to what they give: Infernal roughly the same, Ocean health regen (slightly diff. from now I believe), Air now gives CDR for ult (how does that work for champs like Nid, Jayce, Shyv, etc?) and Mountain gives defenses (ok, cool). BUT NOW if you kill a number of them, you get an effect on the most dominant one you have! Infernal is more damage (DON'T WE HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY!?) Ocean is like a constant grasp, Air is basically SoS now, and Mountain gives a malphite shield but SCALES OFF OF DAMAGEING STATS THAN DEFENSE!!! **WTF RIOT!?!?!?!?!** Why not have it scale off defenses? What's the point of getting those defensive stat increases if the shield only scales off of damage? Oh and that Elder execution...dumb. Fucking dumb. - Jungle now allows more diversity in path options (...ok? was that really a problem before?) **and they're nerfing XP again** (-_-). Well, there goes my enthusiasm for playing Jg now. Doesn't matter if they're nerfing shared XP for bot, Jg is just going to fall behind even further now or gank more often. They're also having Herald respawn again possibly in the game? Even though she takes down towers incredably well and towers still give crap tons of gold for early takedowns. - More lethality items. Yes, because that's exactly what we were asking for. Give assassins even more options of stupid items to have. I'm not going to act all negative, there are some things I did like to an extent. The new Karma skin looks nice and purchases go to charity, we get free stuff logging in tomorrow and for the next couple of days, the card game does peek my interest and I have pre-registered to try it out, and Senna, again, is a large leap in lore which I like. They're removing Spear and Conqueror (though why change it back to Fervor when Riot was so hesitant against it), the other various games they're developing and of course the animated series they have going is making me want to see it. But those really are minor excitements when compared to my issues with the things they announced that turn me away and with the current state of the game right now and going into preseason. I'm probably going to be sounding like another angry, "entitled" gamer to many but in truth I'm just frustrated with the path League has been going for a while now with more mobile, flashy, high-damage champs, loot boxes and about anything else the boards can say. I _loved_ League but it just isn't the same anymore when I first played it. And it's disappointing that this anniversary or peak into preseason isn't drawing me back in.
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