League of Legends turns me into a different person.

I play many games. Runescape. World of Warcraft. Various other RPG's on steam. I for the most part have lots of fun and am pretty chill. I've played league of legends since launch, and whenever i play this game nowadays i really do turn into a completely different person. Maybe it's because i see how many broken mechanics are in the game. Maybe i see how every champion has 1 build path, and there is no diversity in what you can do in league anymore. I can't really pinpoint it. But whenever i play this game, i feel like old Tyler1. Im super toxic. 1 death by my teammates puts me on tilt because i know that it's going to be an uphill struggle. I can't stand people who feed. I get so angry at my team sometimes that ill atually start losing my mind IRL. This is the only game on earth ( i absolutely mean this 100% literally ) that makes me this toxic. Playing this long has made me super sensitive to overpowered champions and Riot's absolute incompetence with making the game good. Hashinshin was right, the game has gotten progressively worse since season 4
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