Thank you, Riot

Thank you i can't report my team for not picking hard cc into a yi (i was mid and first pick) and go solo instead of group late when they have a catch someone solo team (yi and wukong), cause you investigate a FCKING problem with your FCKING client like so many times! THANK YOU!!!!!! Thank you that someone like Evelynn can just burst me just with her E when she is fed without counterplay at all!! (even zed has more counterplay!) Thank you that champs like Vlad and Yasuo can lose hard the lane and are still in the game and if they are fed and play well they can STILL AFTER YEARS 1v5. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU that i can still only ban ONE CHAMPION even we have over what? 150? champs? i would ban yi, jax and riven every game! THANK YOU! THANK YOU that you have to buff champs like Lee and Ryze during Worlds for no good reason at all except to make the game even more unbalanced! And THANK YOU that you react only to nice threads with positive feedback and somehow for others things you have NO ONE WHO IS RESPONSIBLE. For me a lame excuse, cause i think you still listen more to the reddit boards instead to your ppl here, but: THANK YOU THANK YOU that everyone in your company sucks except the design, animation and music team! But even this doesn't mean we could get more maps or faction themed map-skins! NO! cause the marketing, the balance team and the management team (who say "yes" and "no" to ideas and concepts) SUCK BALLS! **THANK YOU**
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