Ranged top laners are such a nuisance to melee top laners.

Range top laners have literally been Overruling top lane for far to long,they have so much utility And scale much better than melee laners,And because of This melee laners are almost always playing defensive or are behind somehow unless the enemy range top throws super hard or u shove in super fast And backing, but for the most part range won’t let this happen easily. And quite honestly it pisses me off how easily range top Laners Literally get ignored while the melee players runes are constantly getting Nerfed or something in our kit and killing our sustain making defensive Items useless definitely isn’t helping us. {{champion:133}} {{champion:126}} ( {{champion:17}} A little bit)are literally top lane bullies And don’t Even get me started on the increase of mages in top lane {{champion:8}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:7}} .You know what all these champs have in common?they can poke you into oblivion if your not playing careful and staying out of range of their attacks.But we can only play defensive for so long because we need CS but as soon as we walk up we get poked into oblivion and theirs rlly nothing we can do about it because as soon as we want to engage they will always run away. Riot please just do something about this I don’t care if the smallest nerf or the smallest buff Range top laners almost always have the advantage and it’s time For us melee champions to take a stance. ~~~~ I just needed to vent my frustration. If you play with{{champion:75}} and go against {{champion:133}} you’d understand.
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