Can we talk about Sexism in League and its impacts?

Like with the Fiasco that went on sexism in league has been brought so much into discussion that it isn't funny anymore. I can't stress more than that about the arguments that are being brought on GD. Unlike what people told me, **I'M NOT** a girl. I've been close to a female player myself, and that made me actually understand the amount of sexism in this game. And this is where everyone downvotes me because of "wow SJW" but can you just listen to this story? I hope yes. So this is the story of **Solenne** , a player that achieved Master during a lot of seasons. She allowed me to share her experience with what happened recently: But that's her story, she doesn't talk about how she carried a Mordekaiser to master tier. I'm sure everyone here remembers the ardent meta of 2017. Janna lulu being broken, no skill, and "egirls" climbing to high elo right? Except Solenne decided to climb with a FUCKING MORDEKAISER botlane not believing me? here is a video of them playing together: Now you would tell yourself that it's actually incredible to climb to master while playing with mordekaiser botlane in an ardent meta You would tell that people would actually praise her for that right? I don't even know from where to begin Should I mention how Mordekaiser is 100% braindead and 100% reliant on his support, which means that his support has to carry him? I'm sorry if I offended the 1% that mains Morderkaiser but he's legit the most braindead champion in the game. He doesn't even carry himself, he doesn't dodge skillshots because he's slow af, all he does is walking forward and deal damage by clicking on enemies, hoping that he doesn't die. Meanwhile his support bears the entire game on his shoulder because if he misses the engage Morde can't deal damage and die and lose. If anything he's the one who got boosted to master, but she's the one who gets insulted This thread was written with the goal to explain to the league community that sexism is VERY PRESENT in league Now the question is: "does that prevent females from playing" imagine that if I happened to be good at the game and wished to played in pro, Would I want people to insult me based on my body or my gender? I certainly wouldn't mind being told that i'm trash (I can just move on and ignore them) but women get a special treatment somehow, and are told to suck a dick to get boosted. I start to question humanity when people say "I wish you were as good at playing league as you cosplay" instead of just telling them that they're trash. Why would you look down on an entire gender, why would you believe that all girls are bad just because you had one girl that played bad. "but you know, women aren't interested into video games" One could think that women are just less interested into video games, and that's why we have a majority of males in the game Gaming's male dominated because men built the foundation of the entire industry while women did other things. Only as gaming became more mainstream did we start seeing women be more interested in it publicly. I'm pretty sure the number of female players increased during those years, and would keep increasing. The problem isn't that right now the majority of players are men, the problem is that majority treats the minority like shit **when it comes to playing competitively** (i'm not talking about casually playing one game or two). So can we say that "we're welcoming any female players" like you guys say? because it doesn't look like that when I see on a daily basis attacks being made towards someone's gender When you insult people based on their GENDERS and not THEMSELVES, would it encourage the entire gender to be attracted into a field, it's just logic wtf. If you want to welcome female players, then either stop insulting anyone. Or start insulting them while not bringing their gender into the discussion.
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