Ally Minion Block Should Be Removed

Out of all the things in League that bug me (excluding player-related behavior), creep block is the one thing that I cannot ignore. I understand that enemy minions _should_ be able to affect my movement, it's their job to hinder me after all, but is there a reason why my own minions can too? There are countless times when I'm shoved this way and that by my own minions or instead of just walking through a line of castors, the pathing forces me to walk around the entire wave. The most annoying case is when I attempt to dodge an enemy skill-shot and my own minions shove me into the ability -- all the more worse if I die. Shouldn't my allies be _helping_ me? I have zero qualms with enemy creeps pushing me around as they _are_ the enemy and just another obstacle. It also forces me to pay more attention to my movements which adds another skill aspect, but why should I have to watch out for my own minions? I'm tired of getting stuck between two creeps, unable to move until I'm forced to flash out because the enemy team is coming.
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