RIOT DOESNT BAN TROLLS NEVER . SHOW SOME RESPECT TO YOUR PLAYERBASE Look at this Lee . i had very good team and we started the game with very good attitude instead of lee. and he after his red started to just walking into lanes and inting every lane and ruining game for everyone by himself . he didnt chat a single word and he bought mobility boots so he can run faster and die faster . if u just watch that game u can see he is literally trolling like u can find out he wanted to find a match and enter a ranked game to troll . beside that his score and his damage says everything u dont even need to watch the game. then i checked his account and i saw he did that in his last 15 games. all 0/10 1/12 etc ... think about it a psychopath buys a platinum account and play ranked games in a row just troll everybody and ruin their day non-stop and because he doesnt communicate or chat he never gets banned or punished. How can u play and try to improve and get better in a game when the company let anybody trolls you and waste your time and destroy ur mind . me personally feel i disrespected my self if i put time for this game . its insulting ur self to put ur time and let ur self to get trolled by any sick player and they never get punished for that and they will do that in their next games to others. How u deal with that ? since i respect my self and my time i stop playing till this company decides to respect his playerbase and perma ban these people immediately . its just so sad man .
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