I had to dodged because I couldn't edit my runes

There is a bug where sometimes you can't edit your runes in champion select and it has happened to me a couple of times now. The only way to fix it is by repairing the client through the settings. I am posting this in GD instead of bug reports because I fucking hate this garbage-ass-trash client spaghetti codes... no spaghetti codes is an insult to all the hard working spaghetti codes out there. This client is a crack head that looks nice because they are rich and trying to put it together but they are in fact falling apart and they need to fucking go to rehab ASAP. This client is 2007 Britney Spears. Even 2007 Britney got her shit together and this client didn't. This client is full of shit. The whole client will lag and go into a frenzy but not the fucking store, oh no not the store. Don't get me started on the store. You want to explore the client (i.e go to your collection, loot, etc) but they aren't working? Do you want to know how to fix it? Just go to the fucking store for a second and go back to where you actually fucking want to fucking go and there it is, it is fixed. Fucking fuck me fucking dead if this client isn't the trashiest of all clients that I have ever dealt with. Even a retro early 20s mmo client works better then this trashy client. No one I know, even streamers, keep their client running during games because this client is like an abusive SO. They stay with you and abusive you while feeding on you emotionally. This client takes so much memory space for no fucking reason at all just like my ex. You know what even my ex was better than this client, at least my ex admitted that they were trash. #RITO fix your fucking client.
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