We need Legacy League of legends Client

Since League of Legends has been out over 10 years, I think it's time we get a new Client where the Newer Players can experience the League they never got to experience with. They can try out the Older Champions before they rework to their Current update. For example Galio Old Kite, Gangplank Old Kit, Old Evelyn, Ryze before all of the reworks, Karthus Teleport and Revive. Urgot Is another One, Twisted Fate old kit. Probably, Riot could release Cancel Champions so they can let us test them out before out. We have a huge List of Cancel Champions, I would of love to try them out. We Basically could be their Test Subjects for those cancel Champions and possibly have a comeback and make Release on the More Updated Client that we all play on. Just an Idea, Since World of warcraft, is getting Classic World of Warcraft so why not we get Classic League of legends with Cancel Items and Champions with their own old kit back at the same time.
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