Katarina's dagger hitbox is absurd

I've dealt with this for far too long and its getting really boring. I'm really tired of seeing a dagger on the ground and getting considerably away from it but still getting hit because the hitbox is just insane. The small circle on the ground doesnt depict even half the hitbox of the ability. Why in hell is Katarina able to blink to the edges of the circle and make the hitbox of the dagger start around Katarinas model and not around the dagger circle itself. At least show us like another big area around the dagger itself representing the range in which Katarina can do damage when she jumps to it. When you reworked Katarina you wanted a skill based champion but there is really no skill in jumping to a stationary dagger with insane hitbox and killing people in a second or less after gunblade is completed.
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