Not Sorry, Riot. I still can't buy an Eternal even after these changes.

The first iteration was purely generic stat tracking with a huge RP cost only. This is better, but it's still scummy. Too scummy for me to even buy into it with BE. Not only did you restrict the BE purchase of generic versions to the emporium, you made the unique versions RP only. This doesn't feel like you were listening to feedback in the first place. This feels like you were testing the waters with the obscene pricing and then still leaving the quality stuff locked behind a paywall. Mastery isn't locked behind a pay wall. So why is the statistical tracking locked behind it? I would've been fine if these were available year round for 4800 BE (generics) and 6300 BE (unique). But no. You had to lock the first one behind a bi annual event and the second behind a pay wall. I absolutely refuse to buy these Eternals until they're ALL available for BE (even if it's pricey) and available year round (because I shouldn't be forced to wait to show off my mastery except on the grind). Call this conspiracy thinking if you want. I don't care. I'm not buying into this at all nor am I buying your "we listened to your feedback" because I have more than enough reason to think "that's bullshit, just your marketing to make it seem like you were, you greedy liars."
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