Talking about URF (I swear)!

As I was walking home from work this morning, my typical mental dialogue refused to stop. Im sure you also have your own worries and can understand what its like to have things weighing on your mind. Despite these nagging poisonous thoughts about issues in my relationship, terrifying debt, and my overall failure as a human being circling and spinning round my mind over and over I was able to find solace. The thing is, I realized that I forgot to play AP Lucian yesterday when URF went live. This thought alone washed away all the grime and negativity from my mind. Now, it's not as if Im no longer genetic trash, no that is still very much true. However, I have something to look forward to now. I joked about neglecting real life responsibilities and needs in favor of just playing URF, but it looks like this will actually come to pass for these next two weeks. Big thanks to the rito banditos for bringing back what is essentially the highlight of my existence. I really hope that we can start looking to give urf some kind of semi permanence. If something like TFT can get its own ranked mode (KEKW), then URF at the very least should come back to live once a month for a full week(end). P.S. I got to level 16 on Aurelion Sol with Conq + Ravenous Hunter + Gunblade. While I dont appreciate how my baby was recently butchered, I did love the giant permaslow death circle that HEALED ME FASTER THAN THE ENEMY TEAM COULD BURST ME DOWN. If you guys have some other for fun moments you just gotta talk about I'd love to hear em.
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