Sett “the beast boy” bastard

So Sett is on PBE. I don’t have a PBE account so I can really only give my opinions on his looks. He looks like my new main. I have no problems with his kit. It looks fun af and I can’t wait till he comes out on live. But he looks stupid. Actual appearance problems: A beast first suggests savage animal. He is also half human half vastaya, so it’s kinda confirmed he is called beast boy because of the whole vastaya thing. So what are the visual savage animal characteristics? Uhhh, a fur thing that looks like a big cheap scarf. He has the xayah/Rakan ears, I guess. Bird doesn’t ring savage beast. Also wtf. Riot, vastaya are already half human half vasthayshai’rei. Now it’s 1/4 beast and 3/4ths human. No wonder he only has the ears. Problems with teaser: We have hints of fire, animal, and Ionia. I thought it would be a dragon vastaya and riot would use that to expand on shyvana lore. Maybe shyvana left Demacia to meet the dragon vastaya or something like that to explain her lack of appearing during the sylas debacle. He was also teased as a juggernaut. Dragons are big tanks things that can dish out a lot of damage. It just made sense. But no. Data miner info was just clickbait: Data miners found a loot item that mentioned Sett and had a wolf/badger face on it. Please remember that Sett was first described as a juggernaut that laughs in the middle of a fight and throws the damage back at the enemy. Maybe he wasn’t a dragon vastaya, but maybe a honey badger style juggernaut that just didn’t care about taking a hit or seven sounded awesome. But no. “Thanks for the clickbait riot.” - Nightblue3 probably So I’m kinda disappointed with the look. Voice lines are also underwhelming. Kit looks fun tho Edit: as some people said in the comments, he does love his momma. Oh boy do I love that he loves his momma. Ultra wholesome character for a crime boss of a pit fight arena. Super different from typical I’m mad and I wanna kill yah voice lines that most champs have.
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