The art of making only COPY and PASTE ignoring all game modes except TFT

Where are the Rotating Gamemodes? Where is **Substructure 43** map? You didn't had enough space in the mode-select GUI?[] --- #PROJECT event is the same of the ARCADE event. You didn't bring nothing new. You are now only focused of your TFT, completely ignoring the rest of the game...[] ##You just copy paste the same damn missions! Last Rotating Gamemode was in **January** with the URF, (BB is not an event is the same ARAM with a new texture) --- Do you want to remove TT? You ignored it so much that the teams are still **blue and purple!** ARAM you updated a shit. You have arranged it so much with little desire and because you were forced that if you hit a tower or an inhibitor the icon is still **purple!** And the chat reads "A tower of the **purple** team has been destroyed!" --- You ignore the players' opinion completely, just think of the example of ARAM bans. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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