First timing in ranked

I continue to get paired with teammates first timing champions in ranked, and that hasn't been horrible, but it has gotten worse with the yuumi release. It feels like you're playing the game a man down in exchange for a small boost to health regen. I dodged game one cause it was a yuumi with an atrocious win rate, and after 5 minutes, got put into a game with yet another yuumi, this time, a first time yuumi. I'm really trying to hit gold my first season of league, and I'm so close (Silver 1). I've found when I ban Yuumi on them, they get really mad and troll pick anyway instead of using a real champ. Any tips on what to do? I got my bot lane (Yuumi/MF) the first two kills, and then they lost lane after that 0/12 by 15 mins.
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