TL;DR of 40 minute rant by Dopa, one of the best players

The orginal video I am writing a TL;DR for english only speakers who dont want to read 40 minutes worth of subtitles. First topic: Why laners carry harder than junglers (EVEN when level 2 scuttle fights were a thing, lane difference trumps jungle difference in terms of game impact/winrate) Explanation (Dopa's opinion): Junglers job is to take a lead in lane (for instance, if your mid laner is ahead) and snowball him even further. It is almost impossible for a jungler to solo kill the opposing jungler, it is much more likely/common for a mid laner to solo kill the opposing mid laner. Thus junglers mindset in champion select is not to snowball on the other jungler, but rather make it easier for snowballing laners to keep snowballing and end the game. Ultimately, everything starts with a good laner, not a good jungler. However, junglers do technically have a larger impact because they can snowball a laner so incredibly hard, so it confuses people. Later in the video he explains that the most impactful skill, the skill that will make you the best, is the ability to tether and space. In other words, the ability to land a skill shot and dodge a skill shot. Reading a map, roaming, pathing are all secondary, all not as potent to a winrate. Junglers do not often have a situation where they can apply the tethering/spacing skill, while mid laners and top laners are swimming in it contantly. It is more important for your solo laners to be good at that one skill than for any other lane or jungle to be better at any other skill. Fun fact: Dopa mentions that the one expetion, quite literally, to the rule that laners trump junglers, was during the nidalee kindred graves meta, and it was Peanut playing on Rox Tigers. The laners decided he was their carry and played accordingly. Second Topic: Change of game pace Explanation: With the addition of new runes as well as tower plating, any kills in a lane turn into wins. There are many runes that give bonuses that stack for each kill you get. You also tend to accrue tower plating if you get a kill in lane. People used to say 1 kill is worth between 18 and 20 cs years ago. However it is now worth much more, including gold from tower and free stats from your runes. 3rd Topic: Tilt he says that with available the tilt created from realizing you have diamonds on a team with grandmasters has a greater negative impact on the game than the difference in skill between the diamond whoever they are laning against. Instead just take it in stride, as in adapt. 4th topic: Comparing level of dominance a player has over everyone else He basically talks about how it doesnt matter how hard you work, how well you play, it seems like the best players dominance (khan, the shy, pawn, griffin as a whole) will always be compared to the dominance Faker had in 2013. He coins the term to describe this as "legend." 2013 Faker is a legend. He describes this as us being in an "era." On another note, Dopa's "legend" is Ambition from Samsung Galaxy and his impact on the game playing Jarvan IV. He shows some clips of him playing Jarvan that impressed more than anything in his 8 years of play.
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