Another Perma Banned Chat post.

It happens it's nothing new. Sharing for whatever reason. Enjoy. In-Game DaimondRageShade: twitch is annoying DaimondRageShade: wu isn't helping either. DaimondRageShade: Can't do much when my lane gets enough ganks to help him carry. DaimondRageShade: and wu jg feeding? DaimondRageShade: 3 of my deaths are from twitch. DaimondRageShade: yes cause i am allowed so many pink wards right? XD DaimondRageShade: yet you lost mid DaimondRageShade: then enjoy your report DaimondRageShade: not sure why you join ranked if you don't want to play DaimondRageShade: sad typing instead of focusing DaimondRageShade: just going to mute you. DaimondRageShade: He is new to zed DaimondRageShade: I said that twitch came top 3 times and zed blamed me for not putting more wards down when we are only able to have 1 pink XD DaimondRageShade: i have a toxic zed and no jg PERMA BAN! How dare I be so toxic. Things to note. Yes you don't get perma banned instantly there is a process of at least 3 bans including this final one. I tend to mute people from my games because this proves I can say so little and be found as being toxic. For anyone curious about this game here it is:
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