Why is this character so hard to like?

Just a general question out of genuine interest.... https://www.blastfromthepast.tv/wp-content/uploads/carol.jpg Like honestly.... You'd think she'd be likable but nah, shes like lackluster superman And she does things because "its in the script" not because it makes any sense for her (with her stated fictional powers to do) Honestly WHY? Wonder Woman is great, Thor is great, She-Hulk is great, Spider-Man, Cap, Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Lightning, Static Shock, The Flash, Hulk, etc ARE ALL INTERESTING AND USUALLY LIKABLE IF DONE WELL. BUT CAPTAIN MARVEL NEVER FEELS LIKABLE EVEN WHEN SHES DONE 'WELL' **Idk maybe its just me,** maybe someone can explain to me the positives or Carol Danvers that I overlooked, cuz maybe I'm being to hard on her but I really don't like this character in any portrayal.
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