As an asol main

The new glp is kind of infuriating. Asol needs both health and mana to function in the early game, which necessitates a catalyst build. The problem with that is most catalyst builds don't pop until 20+ minutes (RoA requires ten minutes and mask requires other ap items). This leaves glp as the ideal start. Its own source of damage and being complete upon purchase..... Now I guess I'd have to go RoA or Frankenstein two diffetent item components? No matter what, Asol loses optimization. He already has to wait for his "prime" longer than most other champs. This Glp build change will just force him out of his shortest path. Couldn't riot have just brouht back one of the bilgewater lost chapter items to fill this slot? Very few champs needed or used glp, and those that did, needed to use glp for lack of better options. Now what? Your standard mage buys it because lost chapter?? Yeah...ok i guess. With shorter games, I'm not too optimistic about these ap item changes. Lol @rabs40% ap amp. Good for veigar I guess.
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