From a Purely Analytical Standpoint, Which Faction is The Best In Runeterra?

I'm curious to see the different arguments that can be posed for which faction is the best. By best I mean: 1. Culture - Who's culture can realistically work the most efficiently? [Which faction has the culture that can promote the benefit of the society and lead the society into constant improvement, who has the most talented people that can also work well together] 2. Public Institutions - Who has the best facilities (learning, commerce, convenience)? Who's buildings are best made? [This can also be looked at in a aesthetically pleasing aspect as well as art, in my opinion, is a very important part of promoting society] 3. Government - Who has the best system of government? [Which government, from looking at each of them, can you see working the best? Also based on how it's run] 4. Resources - Military might is vital to any society's success as well as land barriers and natural resources. [We can also look at the land in general. Is it surrounded by enemies? How about technology?] That's all the categories I can think of. I hope we can discuss! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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