I've been perma banned for two years, and I just want to say something.

This was my first League account that I ever made. I started playing in Season 4 and this was my favorite game, even though I was really bad at it. Before this, I had never played a game like LOL. I would come home from school every day, excited to play League of Legends with my friends. Over the years, most of my friends stopped playing the game, but I kept playing it because I had so much fun. And even though I was toxic, I still had fun. Then I got permanently banned. When I got temp banned, I made a new account and I told myself that I would stop being toxic for good. But that didn't work, obviously. I tried so many times to get my account back, either by sending tickets, or by asking on the boards if I could get unbanned. But I had to face it that I wasn't going to get my account back. I lost all my skins, all my champions, and everything. The summoner icon that I have on right now is my favorite one in the game and I can't get it anymore because it was vaulted in 2014 (they might have changed that but I don't know). I was basically dejected because this was my favorite game and everything was lost because I was toxic. I ended up making a new account, and I played on it until I got to level 30. At this point, at the start of season 7, I started realizing that I was having less fun in this game than normal. The game would make me way more frustrated than it did before. But I didn't give up because I knew that if I finally did reform, I could possibly have fun with the game again. I had several people say how good I was at the game (including a couple diamond players) and I was determined to make it to Gold (the highest I got on my first account was Silver 1). So, after a long time of playing ranked and improving myself, I made it to Gold and this was one of the happiest moments I had in League. Then that account got banned because of one game. I had taken a break from LOL in May of this year because I had to take tests and stuff and I didn't want video games to get in the way. I started back up after a month and I called someone a bad word that I can't really repeat on the boards because it will get censored, but I got permanently banned for one game. And I didn't know that Riot checked the chat after the game because they never did that before, so after the game ended, I called someone that word and I got banned a couple minutes later. At this point, I almost quit playing the game for good, but I didn't because I was better than a lot of people and this is the only game I really have fun playing. At this point, I have a couple accounts that I got to level 30, and one of them is in low Gold (the others are unranked). But the message I'm trying to send here is that this game has become increasingly worse over the years, and I can say that confidently because I used to have a lot of fun playing and I don't anymore because of many reasons. I think the game has become way too competitive and so you can't try new things because everyone just wants to win. And I think this, along with some balance issues, is the reason I was so toxic and I got my two accounts banned. Many pro players have stopped playing the game as well, along with old league YouTubers. If you really love something, then don't let it go. I loved League of Legends from the moment I started playing it, and now I don't have fun anymore because the game has changed so much and I got my accounts banned, which kind of ruined the game for me. Not really blaming Riot for any of this, but I took the game for granted and I got banned because I was careless. So if you really love this game, don't get banned, because it will crush you and you might even stop playing for good. This is really the only video game I can ever have fun playing anymore, and half the time it's not fun and I just want to surrender and get the game over with. It wasn't like that when I started out, because you could lose and still have fun. But now, if someone gets ahead, they will make the game a living hell for you, and people on your team will vote no even if there's no chance to win. The only reason I keep playing is because this game used to make me so happy and I'm hoping I can find that happiness again. I've went through some tough times with this game (getting banned and stuff like that) but I think it still has potential to be a good game. Remember that video games were invented for people to have fun playing, not to dread playing because they're addicted but they can't stop. If you're toxic but you really love this game, rethink your behavior because getting permanently banned is much worse than it sounds.
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