The whole nightblue situation got completely stupid

So fine, the guy playing something that was considered griefing games got suspended. Why the hell are people (bigger streamers) arguing that NB was ''target inted as a streamer'' or that Nubrac was ''hard inting games'' in general? I've seen 0 evidence towards this. Sure you can say he trolled, he got punished move along, why lie about what he was doing? Whats the point? It just makes people seem brainless, layering things to make NB look better and Nubrac worse. And then NB got suspended for making a mess and being a toxic boy who grew up with Draco Malfoy as his role-model. Fine. But why is he allowed to stream playing on his special LPP account while under suspension? He himself is making a joke out of it, titling the stream ''0 honor player...''. The punishment system is a joke. How is this ok? With anyone? ''it looks bad when a player griefing on stream isnt punished 3 days later'' well it looks bad when a suspended streamer is allowed to work around his suspension by streaming on a different account, and an lpp account with access to new game mode at that. And tbh if NB is allowed to do this, not get his suspension increased or lose his lpp, Nubrac deserves some compensation at this point. After all the things employees came out with from Riot and their handling of these situations it really seems like the whole League community comes down to a glorified high school. You dont get punished if you have special relations with the cool kids. This whole story is looking like bad joke from Riot.
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