(Blindpick) Here are some tips to counter bounty system and solo carry

TLDR down below ~intro So I always thought that league of legend's bounty system and catch up exp were really bad because it was basically reducing individual player skill. With bounty systems, catch up exp systems, and free high levels of damage from runes, teams that are behind are able to catch up even though they are very behind in gold. Of course this was to support team play because the way the game is right now, working together as team is better than one good player doing good while his teammates are trolling or new to the game. But I found a way to work around the bounty system. So something I learned while playing blind normals is that since everyone generally isn't going to tryhard in normals, it's best not to have high expectancy for your teammates. It's good not to make high level plays that require your team or teammate to participate. You shouldn't split thinking your team is gonna split on the other side to force the enemy an ultimatum. Or that your team will follow you up after you ward hop with lee sin and ult to enemy to your team. The best way to play in my opinion is to play really inefficient but good. What do I mean by that? Well first, I noticed that if you have a lot of kills, you get a bounty on your head. That's pretty obvious. But, something new about the bounty system is that if you have a lot of cs compared to the enemy, you also get a bounty over your head even if you have no kills or are 0/3 as long as you were farming well while the enemy was not. So basically from what I understand is, as long as you have a large spike of gold compared to your enemies, you will get a bounty over your head. I don't know the exact amount but just know that's how it works. The reason why the bounty is really bad for you in blind pick is that if you are dominating, the enemy will start grouping and ganging up on you while your teammates won't be grouping because they know you are ahead and don't need help. Or they just don't group because they feel there is no need to because they are not behind in the game. Since the game is catered towards teamplay, the enemy will likely blow your summoner's or your life and get that bounty and catch up in gold very quick and easily. ~how to counter this So one thing I did is I just didn't farm minions. I literally don't farm so I never get a bounty, and instead I just kill the enemy from outplaying them because I have better mechanics. Of course you still get a bounty for getting kills, but the bounty will be much smaller if you don't have cs with those kill. This only works in low skill games but it works well because since you don't have a lot of cs and you only have kills, you won't have a big bounty. But you will still be ahead because your level is much higher than the enemy because they spend time in grey screen. Not having a big bounty means when (not if) the enemy kills you (because you can't rely on your team to peel for you or group up), the enemy team is not going to randomly get huge power spikes because they killed you. I am not a fan of this catch up system like catch up exp from minions, bounty to catch up on gold, and runes to give so much damage in the game that even people behind can still do a lot of damage. But I understand it's to give the losing team some hope. Maybe it makes lcs more interesting, or maybe high ranked games. I preferred the old system where if someone is doing well, they get rewarded by being able to solo carry. I liked this system because it promoted high skill over teamwork. But I get it, league is a team game. Everyone will have their own opinions. But At least now I know how to counter the bounty system and hopefully this helps you out there playing blind pick who want to solo carry. ~TLDR To counter the bounty system and giving enemy a chance to catch up from killing you in normal blind pick, don't farm minions but instead kill enemies by outplaying them and that will deny the enemy exp/gold while giving you a smaller bounty price compared to if you were farming and getting kills. That way when you die, you don't have a large bounty for the enemy to catch up but you will still be ahead because you kill your laner and they lose out on gold/exp. Basically if you are ahead and die with a 300g bounty, it's not as bad as if you are ahead and die with a 1000g bounty. Both scenarios you are ahead, but the former scenario you let the enemy catch up more.
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