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Welcome to my concept boards. Note numbers are up to debate but the kit has pretty much been solidified Name- Trace Passive- "Triple Threat" Every third spell cast gives the next third spell 30% current hp damage. Every third auto attack adds a stack to this counter. Trace has three resource bars. Every time triple threat is procced, Trace's rage bar fills 1/3rd its max amount, upon reaching max rage, gain a 33% movement speed boost for 30 seconds. After rage has been filled 3 times, Trace gains a mana bar equal to .3 of maximum health. rage bar is disabled. After spending a total of 300% of maximum mana, explode costing 30 % of your max hp, adding three stacks of "Three" to nearby enemy champions that decay every 3 seconds, and all abilities cost health. Attacking a champion marked with "Three" heals you for 30 percent of your missing hp, and proccing at least three stacks of "three" regains your rage bar. Q- CertainlyThree This spell has three conditions: 1. If under an enemy tower, activate to immediately be placed outside the turret range, stunning your target and gaining 33% armor and magic pen. You also gain a shield for 33% of your maximum health. 2. If in combat with enemy champions, activate to gain 30% damage reduction for three seconds. At the end of the channel, fire three AoE true damage single target projectiles for 300 true damage. If all three shots hit, gain a third of rage, 300 maximum permanent mana or health , depending on which bar is resource is currently being used. 3. Gain stacks of CertainlyThree every 3 units travelled out of combat. At 333 units, target a champion and fire a homing bolt that stuns the target for 3 seconds. If fired through the fog of war, the stun lasts 3 seconds longer. W-- Third time a charm: Hitting an enemy champion three times with auto attacks and abilities deals extra damage. Every time this is procced, gain .3 ad, .3ap, .3 armor, .3 magic resist, .3 health and mana stacking up to 3000 times. Every three stacks of "third time a charm" your next basic attack will deal bonus %max hp true damage, gain movement speed, and gain a shield equal to 3x your current stacks. Gain three stacks on death. E-shield shroud- Activate to give yourself and two other allies a shield. While the shield is active, your attacks and abilities deal 33 +.3ap +.3ad bonus physical scaling magic damage based on your current movement speed. If all three shields are destroyed, affected targets gain invisibility for three seconds, extended by three seconds every time you reappear, for three seconds. This is _**TRUEST**_ stealth, reflecting all damage dealt by true sight abilities back in a 100% ratio. -Ultimate- Tumorous triumvirate Activate to nerf the most useless champions on the other team. Buff the three strongest champions on your team by 3x the stacks of "third time a charm". At rank three, activating Tumorous triumvirate gives the affected allied champions dashes on abilities and auto attacks, tripled uncapped critical strike chance. While active, the affected allies abilities gain 3 times normal range. If an ability hits at max range, the target get put to sleep for 3 seconds. If a sleeping target is hit with an extended range ability, the target explodes for 30% aoe magic damage scaling with crit chance. If at least three enemy champions are hit by the explosion, Trace activates all three of his basic abilities simultaneously. After this effect ends, your rage bar resets and you gain 3 gold.
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