Make all 2019 prestige skins Availble for 100 prestige points at the end of 2019

Hello everyone. This worlds there is a collaboration with Louis Vuitton for the prestige Qiyana skin (which is in my opinion one of if not the best skin riot ever made). The skin is only obtainable with worlds tokens. But in the worlds event there is already a skin that you can only craft with worlds tokens (Prestige Valiant Sword Riven) If you would get your first win everyday from the first day the pass was purchasable you would only end up with 2280 tokens. (including missions, tokens from the pass, and first win of the day and the tokens you got from the 10 year league anniversary). So if you want both prestige skins of this event but can't play league all day you would have to use money while the prestige skins are supposed to be obtainable for all people that buy the pass and grind some league. Dont get me wrong there should be some grinding for prestige skins but getting both skins in this event even with grinding is not impossible you would have to play 191 games in 56 days with a 50% winrate summoners rift (3.4 games everyday) but if you just dont have the time these months and want both skins you are forced to pay money for it. The prestige skins should all be obtainable trough grinding but it shouldn't depend on if you have the time to grind while the event is active. That is why all the prestige skins that came out this year should be obtainable with prestige points. We would all work just as hard for the skins and even the people that were unfortunate this month because there were 2 skins in the same pass and they didnt have the time to grind for 2 skins have a second change in the next event. I really hope I could get some answer and support. Thank you for reading.
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