Riot, seriously, what the fuck happened to all the Rotating Game Modes...?

- Where the fuck did the Star Guardian game mode go? - When can I get myself ascended & dominate games in Ascension? - Why on earth do you promote nothing else but URF this & URF that? If this mode can run well, why not others? - When can I meme with my friends to go as 5 man ZZ'Rot portal Blitzcrank in One For All? - Where is Nexus Blitz? I don't mind not being permanent, but giving it some sort of comeback can be nice. - Why not release back Hexakill before removing Twisted Treeline? Give us some time to make final peace with the dead map for fuck sake! And most important question of all: #Why the fuck did you wasted all your time & resources in creating TFT rather than fixing the "incompatibility" between the new client & the game modes? This is so aggravating to think of. Literally all of my online friends can't find any single hint of fun in the current League **thanks to your selfish balance that only revolves around pro-play**, making the game more frustrating & annoying to play. Hence, why even playing Normals or Ranked solo makes me feel dehydrated & exhausted, especially when I get nothing but typical XP. The only left for us to have a good night of League games together is when exciting game modes were release back for a limited time, hence where we would group up & have a grand time together playing the mode out. TFT is NOT the answer. It's definitely nothing like how League is played, and is a completely bizzare genre of what League is suppose to be. I'm sincerely disappointed in what League has become of this day. I remembered spending ounces of dollars on getting skins for my favorite champions, since I used to loved League so much up to the point that I wanted to show off my collection to the community. Now that I've stopped since it's not worth it anymore, I can see why Riot has devolved themselves into focusing on money-grabbing Little Legends & Passes to keep their company up, including the incoming Eternals. Like really, you want me to pay extra to show off my achievements? Fuck off, Riot...
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