Just something that really pisses me off about this game

Hello, I'm new here on boards and my discussion might be in weird place xD...but so, I'm support main in EUNE, mostly playing Leona, Sona and Lulu (Leona being my #1). *wooosh* some lil back story, I was last season bronze 4 and season before it silver 1, and now again silver 1 and stuck in that elo....I've been playing some ranked (50 games in few weeks xD) and idk if it's just that it's pre-season rn but seriously, wtf (games are not in the order they happened cuz, I fucked up with editing) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/528304558481604608/529544906453286913/leona_games.png I'm trying to get better at the game and maybe get to at least plat at some point....but nooo, my team sucks more than what I played with in bronze tbh. I can't learn much when stuck in silver like this, when I'm already doing better than rest of my team, idk what to do....it's not my fault we're losing right? Dx
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