Braum and Illaoi vs. Miss Fortune: Who's sexy?

First: I felt like I had too much to say to limit this to a comment, and it really covers more than just a response to the thread about objectifying men. To preface, I also feel like it needs to be said that I believe that creating a fictional character with whatever body proportions you want can't possibly objectify women or men-- because no actual person is being objectified by it. You can have a character objectify another character, but that extends to neither the rest of the characters nor reality. And anyone who calls a fictional character an objectification is usually doing the objectifying themselves--ignoring the actual personality of said character, choosing instead to focus on its appearance. **** That said, I do want to point out a stark contrast between what constitutes "sexy" for a male character and for a female character, at least visually. For male characters, function and sexiness are generally one and the same (not accounting for differences in personal preference). That is, a character will be considered sexy if he's got well-defined musculature, which goes hand in hand with high athleticism. We can't believably have a character who does amazing feats of strength or gymnastics without a _body_ that appears as if it can do so. Hence we have the bodybuilder-like Braum who carries a massive door and is said to have literally punched through a mountain with his bare hands to receive said door. And the lean, toned Lee Sin, whose body is similar to that of skilled martial artists. And I should probably mention Kayn is also fit, since he's probably the male champ considered most sexy unless we count Pool Party Graves. In contrast, function and sexiness are generally not hand in hand for women (again, personal preference notwithstanding). Things that are generally considered sexy, at least in popular culture-- large breasts, an hourglass figure, wide hips, etc.-- are at odds with athletic function. Most (high-performing) female track runners have fairly small breasts and toned muscles-- especially those who had been training from a young age and thus may have lacked the body fat necessary to develop large breasts even if they run in the family but that's a bit more detail than necessary so I won't get into it. And for a functional body type we actually have an in-game example for, there's Illaoi. She has the large muscles of a bodybuilder just as Braum does, and it makes sense for the way she fights by simply slamming enemies with her idol. But unlike Braum, not many people would consider her an example of "sexy". Miss Fortune, on the other hand, fits the ideal of big titties, hourglass body, and swaying hips, despite the fact these aspects would make combat difficult. However, the way she fights and acts matches that just as well as the muscle matches Illaoi. Miss Fortune isn't a hands-on fighter. She mainly uses guns, so she doesn't need to be incredibly fit. And her attractiveness is a great asset when it comes to making others lower their guard or follow her command. So what's my point with all this? I'm actually not really sure. But I typed it so I'll be damned if I don't click Post Discussion. I merely wanted to explain that there's a distinction between making a woman sexy or athletic, that, by the nature of what we consider attractive, isn't distinct for male characters. Sure, it's possibly to make a male character comically overly sexy, but he'd still need to have the muscles-- just look at Taric. But that still amounts to nothing, as I don't think it's objectification either way. If you want to think Miss Fortune making use of her womanly charms to achieve her goal of killing pirates is objectification, then you probably just read the early part of this very sentence with your tunnel vision on "womanly charms" while completely ignoring "achieve her goal of killing pirates".
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