Can we please nerf glacial augment.

Honestly, it's incredibly annoying to see champs like ahri basically get a GUARANTEED charm off specifically because the person is slowed. The meme is it's the "i cant hit my charms by myself" rune page. It's completely anti fun and makes her almost too good at kiting and catching, and it isnt just an ahri thing. other champions are entirely capable of abusing this rune. You can see it on lux, you can see it on neeko, basically any ranged mage with hard cc that can all in with it, can take it. I'd like it if possibly ranged users could stop shitting on melees every second. Like i dont even play melee champs other than like kat or eve (and in eves case if shes in melee range u ded ) but like i see ahris literally making their laners have 0 fucking mov speed and then ccing them. and its bullshit. It takes away skill expression by doing that
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