LoL forums in a nutshell

**Riot:** Hey guys. Just letting you know, we're removing the Legacy cursor, because our data shows most people don't use it anyway— **Forums:** WTF RIOT. As if we needed more proof, you just HATE your players, don't you? Especially the older ones! You are trash, and your game is trash, and I hope you're thinking about that $10 skin I buy every couple months while I walk. Out. This. Door. **Riot:** Whoa there. We're just trying to streamline, didn't realize there's so much sentiment around the Legacy cursor. Sorry, we'll keep it around. **Forums:** Whatever. While I will grudgingly edit my hate thread to acknowledge that I got exactly what I wanted, I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that it's not enough, and your game still sucks, all because you never follow our constructive feedback. **Riot:** You're...welcome? Enjoy the free game. **Forums:** Oh, we will. But you'll never hear it from us, as revenge for all your broken promises.
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