Do Bloodmoon capsules seriously have no incentive outside of blue essence?

KDA orbs were sick and the KDA bags were incredibly worth it, and I wish I bought more. Stocking stuffers weren't as exciting but they were okay. Bloodmoon capsules don't drop bloodmoon shards or anything special? Is that what I'm understanding? Why would I buy a bloodmoon capsule for the possible bonus of 1600 BE -- that's like a quarter of a 6300 champion? Are the rates as low as KDA bags? Can someone fill me in? This event looks like a big fat next for me. I'll come back if they give me a better reason to gamble. PS: Thanks for making the 10 gemstones I farmed with good RNG out of KDA bags and capsules completely worthless by letting people sit on their illegally obtained gemstones. Riot has a history of spitting on their paying customers, and I could really go into it but this isn't the thread for that.
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