A Champion's Rework

I must be lacking some kind of insight because I see no reason why a character like Volibear{{champion:106}} should need a rework. Yes, you can argue the age or play style he has within the game, but then there are other champions that fall in the same category and raise that same question. Do you really want rework them just and only because they are outdated? Or do you just feel like he's too much of a formidable powerhouse? If there was anything I'd call Volibear it would be balanced. He's easy to poke out of lane and harass early to mid game but hard to bully with a melee mid to late game. He's even to be revered early in the game if not respected against and played as correctly. His kit is just fine where it is at "and I'm just a norm player". Just like every champion, they have their cons too. But that isn't the point being made here is it? Now, we've seen some really awesome reworks made in "league's days" and from what I've seen, the reason for their "rework" or "update" is because their kit was well... a bit boring or hard to play with vs anyone else with better kits. League in a sense, has admitted to getting rid of their old content in a way that healthily replaces old concepts with new concepts so they can stand out with every character and because of the rise of technology, the force of 32-bit are likely to be no more. League has grown and so have their compatriot's ability to code and with that in mind, that is why we have much more complex champions the older League becomes. So the real question stands. What is the main cause for a champion to be reworked? Must their kit hold boring interaction? Does it have to have become the least popular choice to play as? After all, every one of the characters are unique in their own way and typically you choose a champion who'd most likely have the best opportunity to win. And well... you know, this reminds me of a very special champion no one really looks at if we're talking about outdated kits here. What about UDYR? He has a lot of potential you know... being the enforcer of natural order and all. Shouldn't he, out of everyone be taken a look at? He's the prime example of what you would call an "outdated kit" if that is how they are being defined. UDYR is very unique yet resembles the very embodiment of what league was once before. Shouldn't we finally rip off that band aid and move forward? Anyways, share your input. I'm always interested.
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