Permanently Banned LMK what you think, thanks.

Hi anyone reading, I recently just received a permanent ban on my main account i made back in 2012 with thousands of hours logged and around $2000.00 in skins and other content. After receiving my 2 week ban i noticed that message saying any acts will get you permanently banned henceforth. I continued to play with mute all function to avoid reports and stopped using this function when i had unlocked honor rewards assuming that i had been recognized for playing an amount of game with no negative feedback. I spent a month praising my teammates for good work and never flaming or raging up until my permanent ban reform card. I've included the chat log from the reform card below: Game 1 In-Game sneakers7: almost had jinx sneakers7: nice try sneakers7: dude sneakers7: what are you doing sneakers7: dont come to my lane adn cs sneakers7: when you see me freezing sneakers7: im done sneakers7: ff sneakers7: solo bc of you sneakers7: clearly ur inting sneakers7: 0/2 in lane loses first turret than comes mid to grief cs from me sneakers7: yea gg sneakers7: i pinged galio everytime sneakers7: what do you mean sure thats what exactly happened sneakers7: idc sneakers7: imagine playing a team game and trolling your teamates sneakers7: why play? sneakers7: im freezing lane so i dont push out and die sneakers7: and she comes into my lane after she fed bot and lost turret sneakers7: to steal my lane freeze sneakers7: yea have fun with your L sneakers7: just ward it sneakers7: why u griefing sneakers7: noin stop sneakers7: whats ur problem sneakers7: all game this kai steals my lane freeze and my blue buffs it may look like i trolled, afk'd or griefed but i ensure you i did not and played the game in the hopes of still winning. my whole chat log came from a {{champion:145}} player who came into my lane early into lanning phase and started blowing her abilities on my waves while i had them frozen so i could cs safely. after it repeatedly happened i got frustrated and said " im done" and offered up a ff vote that was denied and continued to play the game despite her blaming me for galio roames and harassing me with chat and in game actions such as the farm stealing and sitting outside buff camps to last hit them when i tried to get the blue as {{champion:13}} to stack {{item:3070}} . I know its not full of positive remarks but i did start out on a positive note praising my {{champion:141}} for almost getting a kill. I just don't understand how my chat was toxic to the point of permanent ban, i didn't use any hate speech, any racial slurs, any vulgar speech, any profanity or acronyms that include profanity. I mostly kept the chat questioning why they were behaving in such a way that is costing both of us experience loss and gold loss and had a few remarks that were negative but not untrue such as the "0/2 in lane loses first turret than comes mid to grief cs from me" considering this is what legitimately happened in the game. I kept my chat G rated with nothing that would be inappropriate for someone to read and don't understand how it was deemed permanent ban worthy despite making large efforts to never become toxic because a permanent ban would come of it. I don't know i invested a lot of time into this game and i love playing it but i can't get over how i went permanent worthy from this 1 game alone shown on my reform card. if you guys agree or disagree feel free to let me know your thoughts or share your experiences, i honestly did want to become a better player after the 2 week ban i knew i needed to change but got stressed out over demoting divisions and regret not staying with the mute all. thanks for reading. sneakers7
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