NB3 still unbanned? RIOT?!?!

Nightblue3 gets his teammate banned for playing roaming teemo support thanks to his 'riot friend'
https://www.twitch.tv/nightblue3 https://www.twitch.tv/famousnubrac
So how the heck he is being so toxic and being afk and is not banned himself yet? I barely playing lately as game keeps changing too much, but still keep watching steams, but this kind of crap you just made RIOT makes me just uninstall the game for good. So big company and keep acting like that, Jeezus Christ. I should start using NB3 words he is using all the time during streams. Or wait, I'm not allowed to use it here? How I can ban people so fast when they intentionally afk? Hello??? That was one of main problems in my games, somehow they didn't get banned or rarely. Give me that friends contacts, I might start playing more. Do the right thing for f sake. Fun fact. Used to watch NB3 like two years ago a lot, when he still wasn't showing his face, only talking. Anyway If that's not ban able what he did and how he acts towards other people, I don't know what is
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