Petition to remove / nerf Phantom Hit and return Poachers Dirk

Enjoy having {{champion:518}} , {{champion:11}} , {{champion:24}} , {{champion:10}} , {{champion:96}} , {{champion:67}} use {{item:3153}}{{item:3124}} to deal 16 % of your HP per auto as on-hit effects in addition to the bonus damage that they receive from the AP, AD, True Damage, Sheen, Crit, or AS items they built, didn't think so...maybe making the effects only apply every second or third auto or giving guinsoos a new unique passive that could be similar. Junglers are suffering from the exp nerfs, and since the poachers dirk was removed not because it broke any fundamental laws in the game but simply because Riot considered it a " noob trap " after many beginner players would purchase it as a jungler instead of tiamat, it would be nice to have it back. Rather than remove an entire playstyle of counterjungling that was quite risky but insanely fun, why don't we just remove the item from every champions recommended list and put a level restriction on it ( preferably level 4/5 ) like a potion or trinket. I don't think that the reason of something being a " noob trap " should be a reason as to why it should be deleted, might as well get rid of the Cull starter item.
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