Tl;DR YAS BAN RATE SO HIGH, ALL OTHER CHAMPS ARE TOO SLOW/BORING WHO DO I USE TO CLIMB RANKED ASSASSINS\BRUISERS?? I started league about a year ago, and I was horrible and ended up ranked iron playing support, (I was new to league and didn't understand ANYTHING, I'm talking about BRAIN-DEAD support rakan using E to "shield" adc after ulted by brand (I had good intentions) because I thought I could shield him but results in brand getting double kill LOL SORRY) I started playing again recently but as mid or top lane main yas/zed or mordekaiser(Morde is super OP right now by the way.. sometimes Mundo if other picks are banned... and I climbed to gold 4 pretty fast, but my mmr is pretty BAD.. I get matched up with some bronze guys or high silver sometimes probably from starting with like a 25% win rate on support, so now I get 18lp per win, lose 20 per loss and it is a bit harder to climb now.. 47% win rate now and it is just an eyesore to see my winrate under 50% after more than 100 games although last 20 games is 70+% win rate. So I l made a new account and im working towards lvl 30 and trying some new champs in normals to possibly climb with in ranked here with fresh a mmr now that I actually know how to play :). So that's my story, BUT, MY QUESTION IS WHO ARE SOME FUN, FAST, STRONG CHAMPS THAT ARE PRETTY OP WITH CARRY POTENTIAL AND GOOD MOBILITY /LOWISH COOLDOWNS? YASUO/ZED ARE BANNED SO OFTEN SO I NEED TO MAIN A CHAMP WITH LOW BAN RATE PLS! THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
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