Is it really too much to ask for, for Graves to be returned to the bot lane?

Graves didn't need to be completely removed from bot lane just like Corki didn't have to but Graves is even more egregious because he's almost unplayable as an ADC. Why is it so that Graves players just have to accept that thier champion was turned into a jungler? if this happened to any other champion Riot wouldn't allow it, what if Akali was turned into a jungler? or Vlad? it would be ridiculous. I don't even buy the exscuse that people give for the reason of his rework that he was too similar to Lucian, so what? Graves existed first, it's not his fault that Riot couldn't design an adc that's not similar to him. And you could've tried to rework him to make him more unique without removing him from bot lane. And the worst part is I don't think Riot even cares, they see that he's now a unique jungler, he has new mains and they've moved on thinking they've done a good job when it reality it's one of the worst reworks they've ever done. They'll never admit they messed up with Graves because all they see is now he's more unique. Well guess what? Vladimir is a pretty one dimensional champion, let's rework him to be a support or jungler and completely screw the players that play him now, but wait! it's going to make him more unique! does this mean it's good? I mean it's ridiculous. Not to mention that so many players including me bought skins for a champion that doesn't exist anymore and can't even play, I have no interest in playing this version of Graves so what does that mean for me purchasing his skins? well screw you I guess. I just really don't think it's too much to ask for, at all for Graves to be returned to the bot lane. I would love a total revert but because Riot will never admit their mistakes and love how "unique" he's become now that will never happen, so instead I would like to see an attempt, at least from Riot to try and keep some of his "uniqeness" and return him to the bot lane.
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