The Rise and Fall of a gaming company

So I've been accused of only shitposting, therefore I'm going to effortpost for once, here goes I will explain the multiple steps in the lifetime of a video game company. I have no sources or solid evidence, only my two eyes and a fairly good pattern recognition ability. **Childhood - The Innovation** This is where it all begins. A couple of dudes (non-gender specific) gather together under a good idea and create a video game. This could take years, they put the best years of their life into it, and create a beautiful shiny, delicious fruit. This fruit is unique, innovative, and has the potential to become a huge thing. They start going around and selling it to people, and it works! Everyone wants fruit! --------------------------- **Adolescence - The Boom** Everything is going better than they ever hoped. Streamers are eating the fruit, hardcore fruit eaters are spending time and money on your fruit, telling everyone to buy it and enjoy it. You now start perfecting your fruit, trying to make it into perfection. You build a nice little farm around it, and with the money from selling fruits you keep improving it until you get the exact fruit you want. You feel like nothing can go wrong. You start hiring more farmers and more grocers to grow and sell your fruit. --------------------------------- **Adulthood - The Parasites** Something is happening now. You've grown a bit older, a bit slower, and a lot bigger. People are starting to look for new fruits besides yours (maybe they are cheaper or have new and exciting tastes). You can't stand it. Your fruit has to be the best. You start hiring more farmers, marketers, and an entire team of business people who will make your money. But what you forget along the way, is that you wanted to make the best fruit. These people do not care one bit about the fruit, they care about money. And nothing will get in their way. Your fruit is now being mass produced in a factory, sucked dry by mosquitoes and you can't touch it anymore. These people are now in charge of your fruit, and you are in their way. The fruit it now rotten, and there is no way to save it. ---------------------------------------------- **Old Age - The Slow Death** The new fruit handlers are now making shiny, pretty fruit that appeal to everyone. They want absolutely everyone to buy their fruit, and despite is being completely rotten inside, that can't be seen from the outside until you bite it. The original fruit-makers are likely gone or irrelevant at this point. The people who made the fruit great are gone, and it is now a hollow shell only used by these mosquitoes for free juice. What was one a beautiful fruit enjoyed by many, is now a rotten fruit forced on all. Is it a wonder then, that people start looking for new fruit? Word of mouth happens, people start being aware of the rotten core. And there is no coming back, everyone who could fix the fruit has long been removed, and it will slowly rot down into the ground, over the next however many years, until people are finally so sick of the fruit they wouldn't take money to eat it.
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