Removing Twisted Treeline (3v3)? WTF Riot? Serious?

I have a tendency to "Defend" Riot in many things they do, even if they are debatable. Always try to search the hidden reasons as to why they'd do such things. But WTF? This is such a big issue, that we must not let it happen. There are players who loved Dominion, and I felt sorry for them back then... But I can tell you A LOT more players play 3v3 on a daily basis, than the amount that played Dominion. And Im not gonna say "Your Incomes will decrease/The player base will drop" if they remove 3v3, because I dont think so. ... but god, many of us LOVE 3v3, and constantly try to get Riot to give it attention. But hey, of course, they have TFT, why would they care about 3v3 TT now? Pfff, jesus cryst... I wanna cry, i swear... Im shocked Edit: I beg on my knees, dont remove it...
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