Can we take a moment to recognize these beautiful sparkling gems of players?

I'm talking about the quiet/silent team mates. They are fucking rock stars. When they load into champion select, they don't declare a champion and just pick one without saying a peep. Throughout the entire game, they never say a single thing, never ping, never emote, and whether they are playing well or not, they don't type anything into chat. Game ends, at the results screen, they leave silently without a word. Fucking phenomenal. Whether we win or lose, those are the best games IMO, and I almost always throw those dudes an honor. In a game full of grown ass men crying about every little thing, those players are fucking diamonds, and I don't care if they never throw a MIA/OMW ping, it's fucking glorious to get a game where no one says shit and no one whines. You players are the god damn heroes of league and I fucking salute you.
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